At the first time in my world, the land full of happiness

The sky is no end, the sea is no end. I can do what I want

My friend, some is good, some is bad. But! Both are good.


I lose; my world is changed…. I don’t know where I am

In this new world anywhere just me. No sky, no sea, no anything…

My friend some is good some is bad. But! Both are bad….


Ocean, it is no end. All is beautiful.

I stand in the middle I see the changing ocean

From sunny days become to raining From raining become to storm

Strom become to raining again From raining become to sunny day again. Never stop.


Ocean is the start of the world. And it is the end of the world, too.

Ocean it is no end. All is beautiful.


A good time, good food, good conversation. A good time was had.

Your get-together was great! It’s great to know you can count on some people…

With appreciation and great regard. 감사합니다! Garacias! Thank you! Merci!


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작성자: Susan