KAFA 등반학교 졸업생 4 차 정기 등반일정

장소: Joshua Tree National Park – Indian Cove Family Camp Sites

일정: 11-17-06 금요일 저녁 Camp Site check in
11-19-06 일요일 중식후 해산 & check out

오시는길: 1. From Los Angeles – take Fwy 10 East toward Palm Springs Area
2. turn to Hwy 62 ( Twentynine Palms Highway )
3. look for a small street ( Indian Cove ) and turn Right
4. Once you pass the park ranger station you will find Family Camp Sites

준비울: 개인장비, 행동식 & 충분한 음료수

연락처: 송 원주 818-606-8949

작성자: 사무국